Capivara Armchair. Design by Mobília Tempo.

Mobília Tempo: Innovation In Every Detail.

Mobília Tempo is a brand recognized for its commitment to creating high-quality contemporary furniture. Founded by Ricardo van Steen, a renowned Brazilian designer with over 40 years of experience, Mobília Tempo aims to blend tradition and modernity in its creations.
Quality is an essential characteristic of Mobília Tempo. Each piece of furniture is carefully designed and manufactured, resulting in durable, functional, and aesthetically appealing products that can withstand the test of time.
Mobília Tempo is also known for its constant pursuit of innovation. The brand strives to stay at the forefront of furniture design, adapting to market trends and demands. By combining technical expertise and creativity, Mobília Tempo creates unique and inspiring solutions for contemporary spaces.
With a philosophy based on sustainability, quality, innovation, and the appreciation of Brazilian culture, Mobília Tempo stands out as a reference in the contemporary furniture market.

Madame Armchair. Design by Mobília Tempo.

Functionality Meets Beauty In Every Piece Of Mobília Tempo's Unique And Sophisticated Furniture Line.

Mobília Tempo is known for its selection of products and furniture pieces that embody Brazilian design at its core. With high-quality materials, elegant shapes, and distinctive features, the pieces from Mobília Tempo stand out in the contemporary furniture scene. Each piece is carefully designed, bringing unique and sophisticated elements. From the beautiful reddish tones of Muiracatiara wood to the flexibility and delicacy of canvas hinges on the Vera room divider, each item reflects Mobília Tempo's dedication to offering pieces that combine functionality and beauty.

Artropode Chair. Design by Mobília Tempo.

One standout piece is the Artropode Chair, available in versions with and without leather upholstery. These chairs are made with high-quality Muiracatiara wood, known for its unique resistance to weather conditions, creating a beautiful reddish tone. The modern and minimalist design of the Artropode Chair exudes timeless sophistication.

Artropode Chair Leather Upholstery. Design by Mobília Tempo.

Another noteworthy piece is the Vera room divider, inspired by Aloe Vera leaves. It features a structure composed of modules of laminated ironwood on thin layers of MDF, interspersed with canvas hinges that provide flexibility. A meticulous trompe l'oeil watercolor technique is applied to mimic the appearance of ironwood on the exposed parts of the MDF.

Vera Screen. Design by Mobília Tempo.

Through Its Creations, Mobília Tempo Conveys The Passion And Creativity Of Brazilian Design.

Brazilian design plays a fundamental role in expressing the cultural identity of the country. Brazil is a nation rich in ethnic, cultural, and natural diversity, and these elements are often incorporated into furniture and home decor design. The importance of Brazilian design lies in its ability to reflect the essence of the country, conveying its history, traditions, and values through shapes, colors, materials, and techniques.
Mobília Tempo stands out by bringing Brazilian cultural elements to their furniture pieces. Whether through the use of native woods like Muiracatiara, Jacarandá, and Araucária, which provide a sense of authenticity and connection with the Brazilian nature, or through the incorporation of traditional artisanal techniques, Mobília Tempo celebrates the Brazilian identity in each creation.
By incorporating elements such as the reddish hue of Muiracatiara wood or flexible canvas hinges inspired by Aloe Vera leaves in the Vera folding screen, the company reinforces the importance of preserving Brazil's culture and history through furniture design. This unique approach provides Mobília Tempo's customers with the opportunity to acquire pieces that are truly representative of the country's cultural and aesthetic context.

Madame Armchair. Design by Mobília Tempo.