The PROSA furniture brand was founded in 2021 by the couple Júlia Rovigo and Gabriel Pesca, who have professional experience in architecture and carpentry, respectively. Their project emerged from the desire to combine their expertise and translate it into the design and production of furniture.
PROSA is dedicated to extensive research and investigation of wood as a material. The studio draws upon traditional ship carpentry techniques to create their works, where strength and durability meet organic curves and forms. Each piece incorporates elements of traditional woodworking techniques that have gradually been abandoned due to their technical complexity.
The products created by PROSA are designed with consideration for nature, the people who inhabit it, and the future of their interaction. The creative process at PROSA is organic, allowing for freedom to change direction, disregard initial designs, embrace chance, and accept risks. Often, their mistakes become the source of their best ideas. They are not confined to any specific method or rule.