It is through experience that one builds a compelling story to tell. Thiago Antonelli, an industrial designer from Rio de Janeiro, embarked on a journey that led him to obtain a master's degree from the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. This experience allowed him to develop a refined aesthetic sensibility, deeply immersed in prototyping and design methodologies. Over the course of his career, Thiago also gained valuable experience working in Amsterdam and Munich, collaborating with professionals from around the world.
In perfect harmony with his partner Thélvyo Veiga, a designer and expert modeler and cabinetmaker, Jabuticasa Studio was born. Graduating from PUC-Rio, Thélvyo's skills complement Thiago's, making them a formidable team.
Their journey began in 2010, at a time when Brazilian design was experiencing a surge of young talent. Thiago Antonelli joined forces with his master's colleague Thomas Mach to establish the t+t studio. Together, they created timeless furniture pieces that skillfully combined Scandinavian and Brazilian influences.
In 2011, Thélvyo Veiga joined the partnership, bringing his expertise as a cabinetmaker and realizing the duo's projects. His craftsmanship added a level of sophistication to their contemporary designs, garnering national acclaim for the t+t brand.
Following the success of their furniture collection, Thélvyo and Thiago decided to embark on a new venture by launching the Jabuticasa brand. Building upon their Scandinavian design roots, the brand infuses its projects with distinct values. Jabuticasa embraces the use of high-quality Brazilian raw materials, the subtlety of European design, and a touch of Brazilian naivety.
Jabuticasa is committed to its mission of being at the forefront of consolidating the identity of Brazilian design.