Mono Side Table by Assimply.

Assimply: Where Sustainability Is Not Just A Trend, But A Fundamental Value Incorporated In Every Design.

Assimply is an experimental design studio that emerged from the partnership between Victor, a Brazilian, and Søren, a Dane. Since its foundation in 2021, they have stood out for their innovative approach, combining Scandinavian minimalism with Brazilian flair. The philosophy behind each project is to create a perfect balance between simplicity and sensuality, incorporating elements inspired by nature and the cultures of both founders.
Scandinavian minimalism is evident in Assimply's projects, with a clean and functional aesthetic that values simple lines and natural materials. Form follows function, resulting in elegant and timeless designs. On the other hand, the Brazilian flair brings vibrant and passionate energy, inspired by the lush nature and rich culture of Brazil, incorporating colors, textures, and rhythms into the projects.
Assimply seeks to expand its reach and impact in the world of design by producing objects, furniture, and architecture that inspire people and convey the importance of sustainability. With their experimental and ecological approach, they are ready to make their unique mark on the international design scene.

Creators of Assimply, Victor and Søren.

The Sustainable Approach Of Assimply.

The ecological vision of Assimply goes beyond trends, incorporating sustainability as a fundamental value in every design. One key aspect of this approach is the prioritization of material reuse in their production of objects, furniture, and architecture. Through this innovative and sustainable approach, Assimply breathes new life into discarded materials, transforming them into elegant and functional pieces.
By adopting a creative and visionary mindset, Assimply sees the hidden potential in reused elements. This approach not only contributes to reducing environmental impact but also raises awareness about the importance of sustainability in the design industry. By incorporating reused elements into their designs, Assimply creates unique and distinctive pieces, each carrying its own story, character, and personality.
The ecological vision of Assimply is an inspiring example of how creativity and innovation can be combined with environmental consciousness. By prioritizing material reuse, they show that it is possible to create stunning designs without compromising sustainability. Assimply demonstrates the viability and necessity of adopting a responsible approach to natural resources, while creating aesthetically appealing and original products.

Victor collecting stones for the production of his pieces.

The Beauty Of Nature Meets Creativity At Assimply: Where The Stunning Landscapes Of Rio de Janeiro Influence The Aesthetics And Materials Used.

The Assimply studio, located in the Gamboa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, is where Søren and Victor bring their products to life through a careful and meticulous handmade process. They believe in the importance of manual work in a world dominated by mass production, resulting in unique and high-quality pieces. The studio's location in the vibrant Gamboa neighborhood serves as inspiration for their creations, incorporating the rich history and culture of Rio de Janeiro into their products.
The proximity to the breathtaking nature of Rio de Janeiro also influences Assimply's creative process. The beautiful natural landscapes, such as beaches and mountains, inspire the aesthetic of their pieces and influence the choice of materials used. Furthermore, their connection to nature reinforces Assimply's commitment to sustainability, leading them to seek out reused and eco-friendly materials.
In a world where mass production prevails, Assimply's handmade approach stands out as a valuable and essential alternative. Søren and Victor demonstrate that it is possible to create high-quality and unique products through manual work. Their dedication and passion for craftsmanship result in authentic and meaningful pieces that go beyond passing trends, offering customers a truly unique experience.

Exotic blue Bahia granite.

Discover The Allure Of Assimply's Terrazzo Italiano - A Fusion Of Tradition And Contemporary Creativity.

Terrazzo Italiano is a traditional design technique that has been skillfully employed in the designs of Assimply. This technique combines the beauty of terrazzo, which consists of a material composed of fragments of natural stones and cement, with a modern and creative approach.
Assimply utilizes Terrazzo Italiano to create unique and distinct pieces, adding a distinctive aesthetic to their products. The meticulous application of this artisanal technique results in stunning designs that capture the essence of Rio de Janeiro's landscapes.
By combining the traditional techniques of Terrazzo Italiano with a contemporary approach, Assimply manages to convey the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, allowing the texture and patterns of the terrazzo to stand out, creating a unique and sophisticated look.
This combination of traditional technique and modern approach reflects Assimply's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic quality. Each product is a testament to the passion and dedication of Assimply's artisans, who work with precision to create true works of art.

Work in Terrazzo on the Mono Center Table.