Ponto Chair, designed by Fabiana Queiroga in partnership with Vermeil.


Through Art And Design, Fabiana Queiroga Unveils The Hidden Magic In The Simple Act Of Observing The World With A Keen Eye.

Fabiana Queiroga is a contemporary Brazilian artist and designer who has become an influential figure in both the art and design fields. With a unique and creative approach, she explores the hidden beauty of everyday life in her works.
Born in Brazil, Fabiana Queiroga is recognized for her work as the creative director of Ateliê Fabiana Queiroga. Her artistic vision and talent in design have led her to create pieces that combine aesthetic and functional elements in innovative ways.
When organizing spaces, Fabiana Queiroga considers the balance between fullness and emptiness, creating visual harmony and equilibrium. Her work reflects her passion for exploring new perspectives and discovering beauty in every detail. With her unique approach, she transforms ordinary objects into works of art, breathing new life and meaning into the everyday.
With her multifaceted talent and innovative vision, Fabiana Queiroga's trajectory is inspiring for both artists and designers. Her ability to find beauty in everyday life and her skill in combining aesthetics and functionality are examples of how art and design can transform the world around us.

Artist and designer Fabiana Queiroga.

Fabiana Queiroga's Fusion Of Art And Design Creates A Harmonious Blend That Unveils The Hidden Beauty Of Everyday Life, Transforming Ordinary Objects Into Extraordinary Works Of Art.

The fusion of art and design in Fabiana Queiroga's work is a remarkable highlight in her original pieces. As a contemporary artist and designer, Fabiana incorporates aesthetic and functional elements in an innovative way, creating works that transcend the boundaries between the two disciplines.
Fabiana Queiroga uses a variety of materials in her artworks, including cement, veins, brass, metal, and resin. This diversity of materials allows her to explore different textures, colors, and shapes, resulting in pieces that reveal the hidden beauty of everyday life.

Structural Beauty 1 made of cement and veins. Design by Fabiana Queiroga.

When creating her artworks, Fabiana Queiroga considers the interaction between fullness and emptiness, striving to create visual harmony and balance in her spaces. Additionally, her pieces have the ability to evoke emotions and convey messages while remaining highly functional.
The fusion of art and design in Fabiana Queiroga's creations reflects her creative and original approach. She demonstrates how aesthetics and functionality can complement each other, elevating the impact of each artwork and bringing a new perspective and meaning to the world around us.

Nose Puller made with varnished brass, designed by Fabiana Queiroga.

Touch, Imagination, And The Emotions Awakened By Her Works.

Affective sensitivity is a central element in Fabiana Queiroga's works, as the artist constantly seeks to provoke emotional reactions and awaken the sensibility of the viewer through her creations. With a sensitive eye and a careful approach, she employs different techniques and materials to convey messages and establish an emotional connection with the audience.
One of the ways Fabiana Queiroga seeks to elicit emotional reactions is through the use of materials and textures that evoke tactile sensations. Her artworks often feature smooth, rough, coarse, or delicate surfaces, inviting the viewer to explore the pieces with their hands and experience various tactile sensations. This approach allows the observer to connect on a deeper level, activating not only their sense of sight but also their sense of touch, thereby awakening emotions.
Furthermore, Fabiana Queiroga incorporates symbolic elements in her creations to convey messages and evoke specific emotions. She works with universal symbols or cultural references, aiming to tap into emotional issue in s that are common to all human beings. By doing so, the artist creates a visual language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, enabling her works to be appreciated and understood by people from different backgrounds.
Another relevant aspect of Fabiana Queiroga's works is her ability to tell stories and stimulate the viewer's imagination. Her creations often possess an implicit narrative, inviting the observer to create their own stories and interpret the artworks based on their personal experiences. This openness to interpretation allows each person to connect with the piece in a unique way, awakening individual emotions and making the artistic experience more personal and meaningful.

Centerpiece Hands, made with resin by Fabiana Queiroga.

Inspiring The World With Her Vision Of Art And Design.

A collection "Ponto", produced by Vermeil in collaboration with Fabiana Queiroga, brings the simplicity of beginnings and the possibility of new starts after a point. Symbolically, the objects in this line reflect the absence of bodies in space, with concave shapes made of wood and metal - a combination of materials that is part of the author's studies and works. This series highlights empty space as the meeting point for future forms, with the point representing potentiality and together forming a harmonious whole.

Ponto Chair, designed by Fabiana Queiroga in partnership with Vermeil.

The "Orgânica" collection is inspired by the organic nature of forms and explores the interaction between fullness and emptiness. This line includes mirrors and corner and side tables, crafted with selected materials and artisanal techniques.

Alma Mirror and Orgânica Side Table, designed by Fabiana Queiroga in partnership with Vermeil.

The "Colmeia" collection, designed by Fabiana Queiroga and produced by Vermeil in 2018, is inspired by organic forms and the pollination of Brazilian design. This line showcases unique and contemporary pieces that represent the essence of Brazilian design.

Colméia Collection, designed by Fabiana Queiroga in partnership with Vermeil.

Fabiana Queiroga is an influential artist and designer in the Brazilian art and design scene. Her unique ability to find hidden beauty in everyday life is reflected in her artistic creations. One of her notable collaborations is with Vermeil, a store that not only produces its own pieces but also works in partnership with other artists and designers.