The Pampa Biome is a region shared between Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, covering an area of 700,000 km². Characterized by small to medium-sized vegetation, flat and slightly undulating terrain, it harbors a rich diversity of animals and is an important habitat for birds. It is protected by ecological reserves, such as the Pampa-Quebradas del Norte Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO. The Pampa is a unique and crucial ecosystem that needs to be preserved. Its vegetation is predominantly herbaceous, with grasses and herbs, and it has a temperate climate with cold winters and hot summers. Unfortunately, it faces threats such as the conversion of areas for agriculture and unplanned urbanization. To ensure the survival of this biome and its biodiversity, sustainable practices are essential.

The Pampa Table created by designer Fabiano Salbego is inspired by the Pampa biome and is part of the Biomes collection, which seeks to capture the diversity and richness of Brazil's biodiversity. This collection also aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced in environmental preservation. Brazil is internationally recognized for its vast biodiversity but is constantly threatened by deforestation and uncontrolled economic exploitation. The Pampa table symbolizes the fight for the preservation of biomes. It highlights the beauty and uniqueness of the Pampa biome while serving as a visual reminder of the threats faced by Brazilian biomes.

Interior Design by Fabiano Salbego
Made with carbonized Garapeira wood, also known as Grápia in some regions, using the Shou Suji Ban technique, the table emphasizes the need to protect this threatened biome. The top, produced with natural emerald green quartzite from Bahia, enhances the beauty of the Pampa. The secondary piece features intricately carved geographic coordinates on Garapeira wood, symbolizing the threat that surrounds the biome. This production process ensures the unique identity of each created piece.

The Pampa table is a fusion of art and environmental conservation, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of preserving Brazilian biomes. By acquiring the Pampa table, you not only get a beautiful piece but also support the protection of this unique ecosystem, essential for maintaining biodiversity.

Interior Design by Fabiano Salbego