The 180-degree curve is a key element found in many steel homes, serving as the starting point for the creation of the Curva collection. This unique curve, with its perfect angle, offers incredible versatility in terms of design and functionality. At Cultivado em Casa, this industrial element is combined with organic materials such as stainless steel and galvanized carbon steel to create pieces that convey softness while incorporating the rusticity of these materials.
Interior Design by Cultivado em Casa
Comprised of Diego Garavini and Mikael Dutra, the team at Cultivado em Casa is a creative studio founded in 2013 in Belo Horizonte. With a particular interest in material and conceptual experimentation, they explore different design practices, exploring the relationship between objects and the surrounding space. With a unique approach, they strive to create pieces that stand out for their originality and how they interact with their environment.

Curve Mirror

Interior Design by Cultivado em Casa
Over the years, Cultivado em Casa has gained recognition on various platforms. Whether in design exhibitions or on social media, their creations have caught attention for their unique style and the meticulous craftsmanship dedicated to each piece. With an attentive eye for detail and a constant pursuit of innovation, the Cultivado em Casa team stands out in the contemporary design scene.

Wall Light Curva

Interior Design by Cultivado em Casa
An important aspect of their work is that everything is done by hand. From the conception and design process to the final production of the piece, Diego and Mikael are involved in every step. This artisanal care allows each item to have its own identity and unique quality. The result is exclusive pieces, made with passion and dedication, that add aesthetic and functional value to any space.

Shelf Curva

Interior Design by Cultivado em Casa
With their Curva collection, Cultivado em Casa demonstrates their talent for creating pieces that combine artistry and versatility. Each item is carefully designed to convey lightness and fun while highlighting the beauty of organic forms.

Coffee Table Curva

Interior Design by Cultivado em Casa