Designers Stefania Grünspan and José Fernando

Formabruta: Where Visual And Emotional Memory Meet Contemporary Design.

Formabruta is an independent design studio that stands out in the market for its authorial and emotional approach to creating furniture pieces. Designers Stefania Grünspan and José Fernando are responsible for developing these pieces, using unique drawing processes and personal inspirations.
When creating their pieces, they rely on their own desires, memories, and everyday observations. This approach results in a distinctive style that flirts with minimalism and brutalism, bringing a unique aesthetic to their creations. Additionally, they also explore specific materials, seeking relationships of weight and balance in the pieces they create.
A notable example of Formabruta's work is the buffet from the Mancha line, which emerged from a study of dyeing inspired by construction site fences. This technique, although simple, brought incredible results and added a visually striking element to the piece. Another line deserving of attention is the Breu line, which uses an open-pore painting technique to highlight the natural beauty of wood grain, even with applied colors.

Mancha Buffet and Breu Dining Table. Design by Formabruta.

Balancing Minimalism And Brutalism In A Unique Harmony.

Formabruta embraces simplicity, clean lines, and a focus on essential forms. Their designs exude refined elegance, creating a sense of calm and harmony. By eliminating unnecessary ornamentation, they allow the pure essence of the piece to shine.
On the other hand, Formabruta also embraces the raw and audacious characteristics of Brutalist style. The influence of this architectural movement can be seen in their use of materials such as concrete and exposed structural elements. The juxtaposition of textures and sophisticated finishes adds depth and visual interest to their creations.
The fusion of minimalism and brutalism in Formabruta's aesthetic is a testament to their approach to design. They skillfully balance simplicity and functionality with raw and expressive nature. The result is furniture that not only serves its practical purpose but also makes a powerful artistic statement.
By exploring their own desires, memories, and observations of everyday life, Formabruta creates deeply personal and emotionally evocative furniture pieces. Each piece tells a story, reflecting the individual experiences and inspirations of the designers. This personal touch adds an intimate and human element to their work.

The Baobá Table features a unique design, with its central leg composed of three volumes inspired by trees that store water. Despite raising doubts about its proportion, the combination of these pieces results in a strong and stable structure that adds balance and movement to the table's design. Design by Formabruta.

In Each Piece From Formabruta, You Will Find A Combination Of Aesthetics, Functionality, And Social Responsibility.

Formabruta is a company that stands out for its commitment to sustainability and responsibility in design production. These core values are present in all their projects, reflecting a careful approach to constructive quality, enriching experiences, and accountability to both partners and processes.
When it comes to constructive quality, Formabruta places a strong focus on material selection in their projects. The company seeks to use durable and high-quality materials, ensuring their products have a long lifespan and minimize environmental impact. Additionally, attention to detail and meticulous finishes are distinctive features of every piece produced by Formabruta. This not only guarantees an excellent final product but also demonstrates the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
In addition to constructive quality, Formabruta aims to create enriching experiences in their projects. This means that each design piece is thoughtfully crafted to go beyond its basic function, aiming to provide unique and memorable moments for users. Whether through carefully studied ergonomics, innovative designs that spark curiosity, or practical functionalities that enhance the user's life, Formabruta strives to create emotional connections and enrich the user experience through their products.

Matriz Chair - ArteKura

Matriz Chair. Desing by Formabruta.