Doma Chair completed. Designed by Leon Ades.

A Wood Artist: Discover The Talent Of Leon Ades.

Leon Ades is a talented woodworking artist who discovered his passion for creating exceptional furniture in 2015. With a unique approach and intense dedication, he has become known for his stunning pieces made from solid wood.
Since the beginning of his journey in woodworking, Leon has been committed to developing furniture that exceeds expectations. His pursuit of excellence is reflected in every detail of his creations. He not only designs his own furniture but also executes them entirely in his workshop, using traditional woodworking techniques applied to contemporary designs.
What truly sets Leon's work apart is how he combines elegance, functionality, and impeccable skill. Each piece is carefully planned and handcrafted, resulting in furniture of great quality.
His passion for woodworking and his quest for perfection result in furniture that can inspire and enchant all who have the pleasure of appreciating them.

Designer Leon Ades.

Finding Harmony In The Intersection Of Traditional Techniques And Modern Aesthetics.

The creative process of Leon Ades is fascinating because he skillfully combines traditional woodworking techniques with contemporary designs, seeking a perfect balance between the geometric, the rational, and organic curves.
Since the beginning of his journey, Leon has always valued the rich tradition of woodworking and the skills passed down through the centuries. He immersed himself in classical techniques, learning to work with solid wood and mastering the art of carving and shaping each piece by hand. This solid foundation serves as the cornerstone for his creativity.
However, Leon is not content to simply follow established paths. He constantly seeks innovation and personal expression. In his creations, Leon uses precise geometric forms that bring a sense of order and balance. These forms are often combined with clean and simple lines, resulting in a rational and modern design. It is in this context that he incorporates organic curves, giving life and movement to his pieces.
Leon understands that balance is crucial in creating exceptional furniture. He seeks to harmonize the solidity and stability of solid wood with the fluidity and delicacy of curved forms. Each curve is carefully designed to fit perfectly within the ensemble, creating an intriguing and pleasing contrast to the eyes.


Cheise Neguev. Designed by Leon Ades.

The Aesthetics And Consciousness Walk Hand In Hand In The Creation Of Sustainable Furniture By Leon Ades.

In his workshop, Leon strives to create aesthetically beautiful, functional, and well-intentioned pieces. However, he goes beyond that. For Leon, it is not enough to simply create something beautiful; it is essential to do so consciously, considering the materials used and the manufacturing processes.
Leon understands that in the current scenario we live in, it is crucial to consider the long-term impact of a piece of furniture. He questions where that piece will end up at the end of its lifespan, the impact caused during its production, the type of finish it will receive, and how long it will last.
He avoids the use of materials that are irresponsibly extracted, thereby contributing to the preservation of forests and natural ecosystems. Additionally, he employs manufacturing techniques that minimize waste, thus reducing the environmental impact of his production.
Leon's concern for environmental and social impact is not just a passing trend but rather a fundamental value in his work.

Buri Bench. Designed by Leon Ades.