Interior Design by Artekura

The Beauty Of Aesthetics In Moody Spaces…

Moody Spaces are interior design environments that aim to create a unique atmosphere with dark color palettes, strategic lighting, and decorative elements that evoke mystery, intimacy, and drama.
These spaces explore the emotional dimension through the use of deep tones such as dark blues, charcoal grays, and deep greens, providing a sense of coziness, comfort, and sophistication.
Lighting plays a fundamental role in creating these environments, using indirect lights, table lamps, and candles to establish a soft atmosphere.
Details such as heavy curtains, plush rugs, and rich textures add layers of visual interest.

Interior Design by Artekura
Susannah Holmberg is a highly experienced interior designer with a background in art and design. Susannah has honed her skills in creating soulful and customized interiors that reflect her clients preferences while respecting the geography and architecture of the space. Susannah's approach to design incorporates her fine arts background, allowing her to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also timeless.

Interior Design by Susannah Holmberg

The Serenity Of Earthy Spaces!

Natural Spaces are interior design environments that aim to bring the beauty of nature into our homes. With an earthy color palette, organic materials, botanical elements, and cozy lighting, these spaces create a serene and nature-connected atmosphere.
The use of soft tones such as brown, green, beige, and gray provides a sense of comfort and relaxation. Natural materials like solid wood, natural stone, natural fibers, and ceramics bring textures and tactile elements that evoke a direct connection with nature.
The presence of botanical elements such as plants and flowers adds freshness and vitality to the spaces. Natural lighting is valued, along with soft-toned fixtures and indirect lighting, to create a cozy atmosphere.
Natural Spaces can be incorporated into any room of the house, finding a balance between natural elements and a minimalist approach for a clean and organized environment. When entering these spaces, we are transported to a peaceful retreat where we can recharge and find balance amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Interior Design by Artekura
Interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch incorporates natural elements in an elegant and sophisticated way. With a minimalist approach and attention to detail, Yovanovitch combines organic materials such as solid wood, natural stone, and sustainable fabrics to create natural spaces that are both luxurious and welcoming.
His color palette is often inspired by nature, with earthy and neutral tones that reflect the serenity and simplicity of the natural world. The spaces conceived by Pierre Yovanovitch provide a sense of balance and harmony, where one can relax and connect with nature even indoors.

Interior Design by Pierre Yovanovitch

Eco-friendly design that preserves the planet.

Furniture made from sustainable materials is gaining popularity as it provides a conscious way to decorate our homes. In this context, we would like to highlight two talented designers and their creative approaches to producing eco-friendly furniture.
Lucas Neves, an designer we partner with, utilizes fallen eucalyptus wood to create truly marvelous pieces. By harnessing this naturally sustainable raw material, Lucas transforms the wood into stunning mirrors and benches. Each piece is unique, carrying with it the story of the tree that once thrived in our environment. This connection with nature and responsible wood reclamation results in furniture that is not only aesthetically appealing but also holds significant emotional and environmental value.
Another inspiring brand in this sector is Wentz, which focuses on using sustainable fabrics in their upholstery. One notable fabric option is WE-KNIT 004, a unique 3D knit made from recycled PET. This fabric is created by repurposing plastic bottles collected from the oceans, embodying Wentz's commitment to sustainability and innovation. The WE-KNIT 004 fabric, with its seamless surface and minimal waste production, adds a modern and visually intriguing touch to their sofas, chairs, and other furniture pieces.

Lucas Neves Carved Mirror made from a fallen Eucalyptus tree.

Wentz's Canoa Chair upholstered with WE-KNIT 004 fabric.

Wentz's Canoa Chair upholstered with WE-KNIT 004 fabric.