Ninho Pouf. Designed by Eulália Anselmo for Prima Store.

The Journey Of Prima Store, Marked By Twenty Years Of Excellence.

Combining beauty, comfort, and technology in pieces marked by originality and innovation, Prima Store has been dedicated to this mission throughout its twenty years of operation. The inspiration for its collections is rooted in an ancient history, built with dreams, dedication, and a solid creative ideal.
In 1969, Mr. Loreno Scarton began manufacturing television antennas in the basement of his house, capitalizing on the opportunity generated by satellite television broadcasts in Brazil. Subsequently, with the help of three partners, the production line expanded into the furniture segment, encompassing everything from TV stands to beds, chairs, and complementary pieces, predominantly using metal as the primary material.
After accumulating extensive experience and consolidating innovative potential, Prima Design was founded. Initially, through the import of Italian components and, from 2004 onwards, through in-house production, the company distinguished itself in the industry by offering modern, versatile, and environmentally conscious compositions.
Currently, Prima Store collaborates with five renowned designers: Ariel Missio, Bernardo Senna, Eulália de Souza Anselmo, José Marton, and Menini Nicola, who contribute to the ongoing innovation and excellence of the brand.

Vimeiro Sofá. Designed by Eulália Anselmo for Prima Store.

A Partnership Of Creativity And Sophistication, Uniting The Talent Of Eulália Anselmo And The Innovative Vision Of Prima Store.

The Prima Store collaborates with the renowned architect and designer Eulália de Souza Anselmo, a professional with a remarkable trajectory and significant contribution to the world of interior design. Born in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Eulália Anselmo brings with her a rich academic background and diversified professional experience.
Eulália Anselmo stands out not only for her work in architecture but also for her foray into product design. In 2004, her Chaise Longue Anelídeos was awarded the prestigious 1st Prize in the professional category of the Salão Design Movelsul 2004, a testament to her ability to create distinct and innovative pieces.
Starting in 2007, Eulália Anselmo took the initiative to develop the furniture line for Prima Store. Her vision seeks to integrate industry and craftsmanship, culminating in the development of the company's stands and the curation of new products. The partnership between Eulália Anselmo and Prima Store represents the union of talent, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in interior design.

Anelídeos Chaise Longue. Design by Eulália Anselmo for Prima Store.

Handicraft and Sustainable Development.

At the heart of Prima Store's mission lies a deep commitment to honoring and elevating the rich tradition of craftsmanship within the communities of Southern Brazil. By valuing the artisanal work of these communities, Prima Store not only celebrates their cultural heritage but also actively contributes to environmental preservation and local development.
A notable example of this commitment is embodied in Eulália Anselmo's "Flor" collection, which features exquisitely crafted pieces made with crochet flowers by local artisans. Through this collection, Prima Store not only showcases the art and skill of these artisans but also provides them with a platform to share their craft with the world. Each piece in the "Flor" collection carries the stories and traditions of the Southern Brazilian communities, creating a mosaic of cultural richness and craftsmanship.
Furthermore, by collaborating with these artisans, Prima Store promotes sustainable practices that respect the environment and support the economic well-being of the communities. The use of locally sourced materials and traditional crafting techniques not only ensures the authenticity of each piece but also minimizes the ecological impact of the production process.

 Abraço de Flor Armchair. Design by Eulália Anselmo for Prima Store.