Tiago Escher, founder of Estúdio Cruzeta.

With A Keen Eye For Design, Tiago Escher Founded Estúdio Cruzeta.

Tiago Escher is the founder of Estúdio Cruzeta, a renowned name in the field of artisanal woodworking. His dedication and passion for the craft have resulted in significant contributions to the industry, promoting excellence, innovation, and the revival of traditional techniques.
Since his early days in college, Tiago had a keen eye for design and a special admiration for wood as a medium for artistic expression.
Estúdio Cruzeta was born in 2016 with the goal of creating unique furniture and objects, with a focus on artisanal production and original design. Building on traditional woodworking techniques, the studio stands out for Tiago's skill in achieving precise joinery, prioritizing ergonomics, aesthetics, and durability of the pieces.
Tiago's mastery in woodworking did not come without effort. He understands that practice, reflection, and repetition are essential elements in honing his skills. With a deep understanding of motor coordination and an intimate knowledge of wood behavior, Tiago is able to transform his vision into beautiful furniture pieces and everyday objects.

Tiago with some of his creations.

Tiago Escher's Joinery At Estúdio Cruzeta Enhances The Durability And Aesthetics Of Artisanal Furniture.

When it comes to traditional woodworking techniques, the use of joinery instead of nails or screws is a notable practice that contributes to the durability and aesthetics of artisanal furniture. Tiago Escher, the creator of Estúdio Cruzeta, is known for employing these techniques in his work.
Joinery woodworking involves creating precise and secure connections between different wooden parts, shaping or cutting them so they fit perfectly together. This technique requires skill and precision from the artisan but results in stronger and more resilient furniture.
Unlike nails or screws, which can loosen over time or damage the wood, joinery provides a solid and permanent connection between the pieces. This not only increases the overall strength and stability of the furniture but also enhances its visual appeal.
By eliminating external elements like nails or screws, joinery allows the natural beauty of the wood to be highlighted. The textures and grain patterns can be fully appreciated without distractions. Additionally, the smooth and precise joinery gives the piece an elegant and refined finish, further enhancing its aesthetic quality.
Another advantage of traditional woodworking techniques, such as joinery, is their repairability. If repairs or maintenance are needed in the future, the use of joinery allows for disassembly and reassembly of the pieces without causing damage or compromising the structure of the furniture.

Detail of joinery. By Estúdio Cruzeta.

Artisanal Woodworking Is The Perfect Harmony Between Technique, Precision, And Love For Wood.

The manufacturing process of Tiago Escher's pieces involves a careful and meticulous process, where each step is executed with precision to ensure the final quality of the piece.
Below, we present the detailed steps for the production of carved wooden gamelas.
The first step is the modeling of the Gamela. Tiago utilizes his skills and knowledge in woodworking to create the basic shape of the piece. With experienced hands, he carves the wood, initiating the process of transforming a simple piece of wood into a unique and functional Gamela.

Next comes the refinement and detailing phase. In this stage, Tiago dedicates himself to enhancing the contours, edges, and features of the gamela, giving it personality and style. Every detail is carefully worked on, resulting in a unique and distinctive design characteristic of Tiago's gamelas.
Finally, the gamela is polished. In this step, the surface of the piece is carefully sanded and polished, leaving it smooth and shiny. This process enhances the natural beauty of the wood used by Tiago, highlighting the unique grains, textures, and tones of each piece.

By following these steps, Tiago Escher creates high-quality handmade gamelas. Each piece is the result of his dedication, expertise, and passion for woodworking.

Gamela Carved finished.