Designer Dimitrih Correa.

Durable And Conscious Design: The Trademark Of Dimitrih Correa.

Dimitrih Correa is a designer whose inspiring journey has led him to excel in the field of product design. From an early age, Dimitrih had a passion for manual craftsmanship, influenced by his father's work in building his own crib using reclaimed wood. When he entered university, Dimitrih had the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of industrial design, studying at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Dublin Institute of Technology.
It was during this time that Dimitrih began to unravel the various facets of wood and deeply connect with his creative potential. His unique approach became centered around the reuse of materials, where he saw not only an opportunity to create one-of-a-kind pieces but also to promote sustainability and the preservation of natural resources.
Throughout his career, Dimitrih has achieved recognition and numerous accomplishments. He received awards such as the Salão Design Award as a student, was a finalist in renowned competitions like the Prêmio do Objeto Brasileiro and the Prêmio Tok Stok de Design Universitário, and received an honorable mention at the Museu da Casa Brasileira Design Award for his Wé luminaire project.
His creations are true works of art, filled with emotion and soul. Dimitrih designs and produces products that are built to last, showcasing his commitment to quality and durability. His exhibitions in locations such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Milan, Paris, and New York have allowed his creations to be internationally appreciated.
Dimitrih Correa's journey is an inspiring example of how passion for craftsmanship and the pursuit of sustainable materials can result in unique and meaningful products. His work reminds us of the importance of valuing design and manual artistry while raising awareness about the preservation of the environment.

Dimitrih marking the rail cuts of a piece by hand. 

Designing For The Future Means Designing With Sustainability In Mind.

With the growing environmental awareness and the search for solutions that minimize impact on the planet, designers like Dimitrih Correa have stood out by incorporating sustainable practices into their creations.
Dimitrih Correa understands the importance of using recycled materials to promote sustainability and preserve natural resources. Instead of using virgin raw materials, he seeks existing materials, such as reclaimed wood. This approach not only reduces waste but also gives these materials a second life, preventing them from ending up in landfills.
In addition to using recycled materials, Dimitrih also adopts techniques that minimize environmental impact during the design and production process. He utilizes efficient manufacturing methods, avoiding energy and resource waste.
By embracing these sustainable practices, Dimitrih demonstrates that it is possible to create high-quality, aesthetically appealing, and functional products while contributing to environmental preservation. His creations are not only beautiful but also an inspiring example of how design and sustainability can be combined.
Furthermore, Dimitrih also aims to raise awareness and educate his clients about the importance of sustainability in product design. He shares information about the materials used in his creations, the story behind each piece, and the environmental benefits of choosing sustainable products. In this way, he inspires others to reconsider their consumption choices and value products that have a positive impact on the planet.

Miglia Floor Lamp. Design by Dimitrih Correa.

When Choosing Durable Products, Dimitrih Correa Opts For Conscious And Sustainable Consumption, Contributing To The Reduction Of Waste And The Preservation Of Natural Resources.

The importance of durability and longevity of products is a fundamental aspect to be considered nowadays, both from an economic and environmental perspective. Dimitrih Correa's products are designed with a special focus on this aspect, ensuring that their pieces withstand the test of time and can be used for many years.
Investing in durable products brings a series of economic benefits. By opting for quality pieces, consumers avoid frequent expenses on replacements or constant repairs. The durability of Dimitrih Correa's products not only results in long-term savings but also provides a better overall cost-effectiveness. The initial investment in a durable piece is compensated by its extended lifespan and superior quality offered.
Furthermore, the durability of products also has a significant impact on the environment. By choosing products that stand the test of time, the demand for new production is reduced, resulting in lower consumption of natural resources and energy. The manufacturing of durable products also generates fewer waste materials, as there is less disposal of damaged or outdated items.
By investing in durable pieces from Dimitrih Correa, consumers are making a conscious choice in favor of the environment, reducing excessive consumption and contributing to sustainability. More than just objects, these pieces become heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, telling stories and preserving their beauty and utility for many years.

Sul Chair. Design by Dimitrih Correa.