Mary Yamakawa, founder of A.terra Estúdio.

The Journey Of Mary Yamakawa From Architecture To Ceramics Is A Testament Of Resilience.

Mary Yamakawa, the artist behind a.terra studio, carries with her an inspiring journey that unfolds from architecture to ceramics. Graduating in architecture and urbanism, Mary initially carved her path in the world of business, where she absorbed experiences and knowledge that would prove valuable in her future artistic expression.
Mary's transition to ceramics represents more than a simple career change; it is a testament to the pursuit of authentic expression and the materialization of a unique worldview. Her journey is a narrative of resilience, self-expression, and discovery, where techniques intertwine with contemporary design, resulting in marvelous pieces.
By exploring the boundaries between architecture, design, and the art of ceramics, Mary Yamakawa weaves a legacy that incorporates both the precision and rationality of architecture and the fluidity and visceral expression of ceramics. Her work reflects the fusion of geometric forms and the organic nature of imperfections.
The influence of nature, Japanese minimalism, and the rich Brazilian culture intertwines in Mary's pieces, each telling a unique, imperfect, and beautiful story in its own way.

Amanita Lamp. Design by Mary Yamakawa.

Exploring The Art Of Hand-Built Ceramics.

Hand-building in ceramics is a traditional and artisanal technique widely used by ceramists, and Mary Yamakawa stands out for her meticulous approach in this process. By shaping each piece from scratch, she allows the intimate expression of her creativity and skill to take form in the clay.
This practice, which involves the use of hands to mold and sculpt the clay, allows each piece produced by Mary to be unique, reflecting her singularity and artistic expression. The hand-building process is essential for creating authentic and captivating ceramic pieces that transcend mere material manipulation, enriching the world of ceramic art with authenticity and originality.
Furthermore, Mary Yamakawa's meticulous approach to hand-building allows each piece to tell its own story. Her creations reflect not only exceptional technical skill but also a deep involvement with the art of ceramics. Every curve, texture, and detail is carefully shaped to convey emotion and meaning, resulting in pieces that attract and captivate admirers of ceramic art with their authenticity and singular beauty.

Mary Yamakawa molding a ceramic piece by hand.

Each Piece Of Mary's Ceramics Is More Than Art; It Is A Testament To Life In Its Most Beautiful And Complex Form.

Mary's passion for ceramics goes far beyond the simple act of shaping clay. For her, it's as if life unfolds before her eyes, just as the clay takes shape under her skilled hands.

Elara Lamp. Design by Mary Yamakawa.

In her studio, each piece molded by Mary tells a unique story, laden with emotions and experiences. Every curve, texture, and meticulously crafted detail reflects the highs and lows of human existence. Her ceramics are not just art; they are a reflection of life's ephemerality and complexity.
It's interesting how Mary's art invites us to contemplate the beauty and depth of the human experience. Her pieces prompt us to reflect on the connection between creative expression and life's journey, bringing meaning and beauty to our everyday lives.

Eye Lamp. Design by Mary Yamakawa.