Tiago Curioni.

The Minimalist Elegance Of Tiago Curioni.

Tiago Curioni is a renowned architect and designer, recognized for his significant contribution in the field of strategic design. His career is marked by impressive achievements and a unique approach to design.
Having graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, Tiago Curioni went further and specialized in Strategic Design, seeking a broader and comprehensive vision of the role of design in society. Additionally, he holds a master's degree in Industrial and Product Design, providing him with a solid foundation for creating functional and aesthetically appealing objects.
With offices in São Paulo, Brazil, and Porto, Portugal, Tiago Curioni has a significant international presence. His projects have been recognized and awarded in various parts of the world, standing out for their quality of design, innovation, and attention to detail.
One distinctive characteristic of Tiago Curioni's work is his relentless pursuit of simplicity and functionality. He believes that simplicity is the key to creating timeless and enduring designs. His products are known for their minimalist elegance, combining clean forms with high-quality materials.

Pierre and Fartura armchair. Design by Tiago Curioni.

The Philosophy Of  "Simplicity Does Not Tolerate Errors".

The philosophy of "simplicity does not tolerate errors" is a motto that deeply reflects in Tiago Curioni's creations. This approach emphasizes the importance of seeking minimalist and functional designs, where each element is carefully selected and seamlessly integrated.
For Curioni, simplicity is more than just an aesthetic style; it is a way of thinking and designing. He believes that by eliminating unnecessary elements and adopting clean lines and pure forms, one can achieve timeless elegance.
This philosophy is not limited to the visual appearance of his creations but also extends to functionality. Curioni strives to simplify the user experience of his products by removing any unnecessary complexity. He seeks to create intuitive and accessible designs, where each detail serves a specific purpose and contributes to the usability of the object.
By following the motto of "simplicity does not tolerate errors," Tiago Curioni aims for perfection in every aspect of his creations. He dedicates himself to finding precise and efficient solutions, avoiding any superfluous element that could compromise the integrity of the design.
This rigorous and simplicity-focused approach has been internationally recognized and awarded, solidifying Curioni's reputation as one of the leading contemporary architects and designers.

Swing Oca. Design by Tiago Curioni.

Simplicity Is The Path To Timeless Elegance.

Tiago Curioni is known for his unique and distinct approach to design. His design principles reflect his commitment to simplicity, functionality, and timeless aesthetics.
One of the fundamental values that guide Tiago Curioni's work is the pursuit of simplicity. He believes that simplicity is the key to creating elegant and timeless designs. By eliminating unnecessary elements and adopting clean lines and pure forms, he creates pieces that are visually appealing and harmonious.
Additionally, functionality is another essential aspect of his design principles. Curioni seeks to simplify the user experience of his products, ensuring that each element has a specific purpose and contributes to the usability of the object. He values the seamless integration of form and function, creating pieces that are practical and aesthetically pleasing.
Timeless aesthetics also play a significant role in Tiago Curioni's design principles. He aims to create pieces that withstand the test of time, avoiding passing trends and focusing on designs that remain relevant and elegant over the years. His minimalist and sophisticated approach results in creations that transcend temporary fads.

Fly Chair. Desgin by Tiago Curioni.