Table AL 13 by Jabuticasa.

Discover How Jabuticasa Furniture Brings Warmth And Serenity To Every Space, Following The Philosophy Of Scandinavian Design.

Jabuticasa furniture captivates with its distinct Scandinavian style, combining simplicity, functionality, and minimalist design to create a truly unique aesthetic.
Each piece is carefully designed to provide a visually pleasing and practical experience at the same time. Scandinavian style is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials, and Jabuticasa furniture incorporates these elements masterfully.
Before the studio was named Jabuticasa, Thiago Antonelli and Thomas Mach launched the t+t collection. The project was entirely carried out remotely, with Thomas residing in Denmark and Thiago in Rio de Janeiro. During this time, references to contemporary design and European classics were not ignored.
This partnership with the Danish designer, along with Thiago Antonelli's period of studying in Sweden, resulted in a significant incorporation of Scandinavian design influence into Jabuticasa's essence.
As a result, Jabuticasa furniture presents a unique aesthetic that combines simplicity, functionality, and minimalist design, captivating admirers of Scandinavian style.

 Furniture Design By Jabuticasa 

Solid Wood Furniture: Where Sustainability Meets Craftsmanship.

The commitment to using solid wood in their furniture highlights its durability, sustainability and high quality.
The Feltro Stool, made of solid wood and natural wool felt, exemplifies the craftsmanship and dedication of Jabuticasa in using authentic materials. The meticulous hand-finishing process adds a personal touch to each piece, creating a sense of uniqueness and charm.
Their expertise in working with solid wood goes beyond furniture. They understand the importance of using solid wood to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Thanks to their meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability, they stand out as a benchmark of excellence in the manufacturing of solid wood furniture.
With an impeccable focus on quality, Jabuticasa has won the hearts of customers with its handcrafted furniture and sustainable designs.

Feltro Stool By Jabuticasa

TT39 Collection: Breaking Away From Linear Design And Embracing A Unique Style.

The TT39 collection by Jabuticasa is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design. Each piece in this collection has undergone a remarkable journey of 39 concepts and countless variations before reaching its final form.
The inspiration behind the name "tt39" comes from the 39 iterations explored during the design process. Unlike the previous 38 concepts, the tt39 chair breaks away from linear design and embraces its own unique style.
One of the key aspects of this collection is the use of solid wood, specifically Freijó wood. The choice of wood was natural for the designers as it not only represents warmth and coziness but also offers exceptional versatility in terms of handling and durability.
The production process of the TT39 collection involves a deep understanding of the material and its intrinsic characteristics. Each piece is carefully crafted, taking into account the natural grain patterns and textures of the wood. The skilled craftsmen at Jabuticasa bring their expertise to create furniture that showcases the beauty and resilience of solid wood.
The tt39 chair, along with other pieces in the collection, demonstrates Jabuticasa's commitment to sustainable practices. The use of wood sourced from responsible origins ensures that the collection is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly.

TT39 Chair by Jabuticasa

Elevate Your Workspace With Jabuticasa Corporate Furniture.

Jabuticasa corporate furniture plays a crucial role in the aesthetics and functionality of work environments. They integrate the company's identity, conveying professionalism and confidence to clients and employees.
Additionally, they offer comfort and ergonomics, directly impacting employee productivity and motivation. With a clean and modern design, Jabuticasa furniture transforms corporate spaces into pleasant and productive environments.
This quality was also recognized in the Melicidade project at Mercado Livre, where Jabuticasa furniture was used, providing aesthetics, durability, and sophistication. This project has won awards and stood out for its environmental consciousness, with automated lighting and the use of solar energy.

Chair Design by Jabuticasa.