Dobra Bed Double. Designed by Wentz.

High-Quality And Environmentally Responsible Furniture With Sustainable Design.

The growing awareness of the importance of sustainability has led the furniture design industry to adopt more eco-friendly practices. An emerging trend in this context is sustainable design, which emphasizes the use of recycled materials and the reduction of environmental impact throughout the production process.
By reimagining how furniture is conceived, manufactured, and disposed of, designers are finding innovative ways to create stylish and functional pieces while minimizing waste and contributing to environmental preservation. The use of recycled materials, such as plastic, reclaimed wood, and environmentally friendly fabrics, is becoming increasingly common, providing people with the opportunity to decorate their homes sustainably without compromising style or furniture quality.

Bed Design By Wentz In Clay Color.

Simplicity Comes To Life In The Dobra Series.

The Dobra series is the result of a creative process that delves into the inspiration behind transforming a natural gesture into a unique design piece. The idea was born from observing the beauty and elegance of simple movements, such as the act of folding a piece of paper. By exploring this trivial action, the designers sought to capture its essence and transform it into sculpted forms using various materials.
The result is a collection of pieces that combine functionality and aesthetics, elevating the simple gesture to an art form. Each object in the Dobra series is proof of how creativity can transform something seemingly ordinary into something great.

Bed Design By Wentz In Cool Grey Color.

Create A Relaxing And Cozy Environment With The Dobra Bed: Where Comfort Meets Beauty.

The Dobra bed is more than just a simple piece of furniture to sleep on - it combines functionality with stunning aesthetics. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the natural gesture of folding a soft material to the application of force that respects the strength and density of the foam.
The result is a furniture piece that appears like a large cushion frozen in time, offering an exceptional visual and tactile experience. The feeling of sinking into the Dobra bed is like being enveloped in soft and cozy clouds, providing unparalleled comfort.
But the beauty of the Dobra bed goes beyond its appearance. The exclusive WE-KNIT coating is a true innovation. Made from 3D knit fabric crafted from recycled PET, it combines sustainability with high durability. This special knit allows air to circulate freely, keeping the bed cool and airy throughout all seasons.
Versatility is another strong point of the Dobra bed. It offers the option of customizing the size, allowing you to find the perfect dimensions to suit your space and individual needs. Additionally, the bed is available in four different fabric options, each with a varied color palette, featuring between 7 and 9 distinct colors. This means you can choose the perfect combination to complement your room's decor.

Dobra Bed In Cool Grey, Off White, Clay, And Sand Colors.

WE—KNIT® Is The Exclusive Covering That Revolutionizes The Appearance Of Furniture.

Technology in furniture manufacturing has advanced significantly, bringing innovations that combine sustainability and design.
A notable example is the use of 3D mesh made from recycled PET, known as WE—KNIT®, as the exclusive covering of the Dobra series. This technology allows for the creation of elegant and durable furniture while utilizing recycled materials, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact.
The 3D mesh provides comfort, strength, and flexibility, perfectly adapting to the body and giving furniture a modern look. With this innovation, the furniture industry demonstrates its commitment to using sustainable technologies, showcasing that it is possible to combine style, functionality, and environmental responsibility in furniture production.

Another option for the Dobra Bed is the WE-KNIT® 004 Jacquard Navy Blue fabric.

An Attractive Design With Exceptional Comfort And Functionality.

The combination of curvature in the pieces of the Dobra series offers not only an attractive design but also an exceptional level of comfort and functionality.
Each curve is carefully designed to ergonomically fit the body, providing proper support and relieving pressure points. With a perfect balance between aesthetics and utility, the pieces of the Dobra series not only create a visually captivating environment but also invite people to enjoy a truly comfortable seating experience.
Whether it's for relaxing after a long day at work or socializing with friends and family, the Dobra series ensures that every moment is experienced with maximum comfort and style.

Bed Design By Wentz In Sand Color.