Victor Huggo was born in Rio de Janeiro, and is currently studying architecture, but graduated from the school of visual arts at parque Lage. He grew up in his grandfather's carpenter's workshop in the suburbs of Rio where he spent hours sanding each piece of the objects he created. From there, his passion for learning by doing and also for manual work was born.
Søren is a Danish designer. He graduated in Digital Design from the IT University of Copenhagen but quickly became interested in creating with physical materials and textures. He came to Brazil on account of an exchange, ended up meeting Victor and they hooked up a relationship. In 2019 she moved to Rio to live with her boyfriend Victor in her favorite neighborhood of the city, Gamboa. A big challenge and motivation for Søren's work is experimenting with how to unite Scandinavian minimalism with the most colorful and vibrant language of Brazilian design. Long bike rides in the sun through downtown Rio to the coast or the mountains is what makes Søren really relax, but it is also where he gets inspiration for the shapes, textures and colors of the Assimply pieces.

Assimply is an experimental design studio created by the couple Victor (Brazilian) and Søren (Danish) in pandemic, in the beginning they made objects, something experimental. Inspired by their diverse roots, Assimply's DNA is the mix of Scandinavian minimalism and Brazilian bossa.
The materiality of Assimply's designs manifests itself in the use of traditional Italian terrazzo techniques combined with an innovative and ecological vision. Assimply proposes a new way of producing home decor, transforming what the industry considers trash into beautiful, unique and handmade design objects that can fit anywhere.

All handmade by Søren and Victor on a small hillside in the traditional Gamboa neighborhood, located in the heart of Rio.