Clara Table Lamp. Design by Monterraro.

Estúdio Monterraro: The Essence Of Conscious Elegance.

Antonio Garcia and Pâmela Oliveira are the creative minds behind Estúdio Monterraro, bringing with them distinct backgrounds and expertise that merge to create a unique approach to design. Antonio, with his background in architecture and passion for sustainability, brings a vision that values the harmonious integration of form and function, combined with a deep commitment to sustainable design practices.
On the other hand, Pâmela Oliveira, with her experience in interior design and inclination for innovation, infuses Estúdio Monterraro's projects with a unique sensibility for contemporary aesthetics and intuitive functionality. Her passion for exploring new approaches and innovative materials adds a layer of originality to the studio's designs.
Together, Antonio and Pâmela form a dynamic duo that seeks to challenge the conventions of furniture design, constantly striving for the balance between timeless aesthetics and practical functionality. Their collaboration results in creations that convey the essence of conscious elegance, combining the best of traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary and sustainable aesthetic.

Antonio Garcia and Pamela Oliveira. Creators of Monterraro.

Sustainability In Every Detail: Monterraro's Vision.

The Monterraro is recognized for its innovative approach to the use of organic materials in sustainable product design. The studio has excelled in integrating durable practices and materials into its design process, resulting in environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious creations.
Monterraro's latest collection features pieces made from materials such as wood and eggshell. This emphasis on the integration of sustainability and innovative design has been widely publicized in publications and exhibitions, showcasing the studio's dedication to creating environmentally responsible and creatively captivating products.
Monterraro's emphasis on using responsible practices and materials was also highlighted in their participation at the Rosenbaum Fair, where the studio showcased a conscious approach by utilizing discarded eggshells in their creations. These examples reflect the importance placed on materiality and conservation, aligning with a comprehensive commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Poché Table Sculpture. This product is made with 165 eggshells. Details in Grápia wood. Design by Monterraro.

Eggshells Transmuted Into Functional Art.

The "Casca" collection by Monterraro represents an innovative and sustainable approach to repurposing eggshells to create functional and aesthetic design pieces. The collection stands out for its emphasis on minimalism with personality, transforming everyday eggshells into art and functionality.
Delving into the creation process, Monterraro demonstrates remarkable creativity by exploring the "beingness" of the egg, proposing a new purpose for a material often underestimated. The use of eggshells in conjunction with wood results in pieces with organic and minimalist forms, honoring the sustainable and enduring nature of the material.
Furthermore, the collection not only highlights the aesthetic potential of eggshells but also underscores the essence of sustainability by reusing waste from food companies in Rio Grande do Sul. The idea behind the "Casca" collection is truly innovative, representing a milestone at the intersection of design, sustainability, and creativity.
Ultimately, Monterraro, through the "Casca" collection, prominently illustrates how the transformation of everyday materials can result in design pieces that resonate with authenticity, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

Vaso Cozido. Part of the 'Casca' collection made with Eggshells. Design by Monterraro.