Ana Paula and Pedro Henrique. Founders of Hormigon Design.

Each Piece Produced By Hormigon Design Is A Manifestation Of The Passion For Art And The Commitment To Design Excellence.

Founded in 2016, Hormigon Design emerged with the aim of impacting the senses through furniture, with fundamental principles of concept, technical quality, and the exclusivity of each product.
The brand constantly strives to bring more creativity, innovation, sustainability, biophilia, and above all, authenticity to every piece it produces. Through its unique and carefully crafted design, Hormigon seeks to create furniture that goes beyond functionality, bringing artistic experiences into people's daily lives.
Both Ana Paula Verona and Pedro Henrique de M. C. Giacobbo, originally from Rio Grande do Sul, are graduates in Architecture and Urbanism from PUCRS. Their academic background and international experience contribute to the brand's vision and commitment to bringing art in a concrete and impactful way.
Driven by a passion for art, Ana Paula and Pedro lead Hormigon Design, always maintaining the main purpose of creating pieces that convey emotions and awaken creativity. Each furniture item is meticulously developed, considering every detail and the harmony between aesthetics and functionality.
Through the dialogue between art and design, Hormigon Design aims to go beyond the obvious, providing a unique and impactful experience for those who have the opportunity to appreciate their furniture. With a sensitive eye and an innovative approach, the brand stands out in the market by offering a style that is both unique and sophisticated.
In a world where mass production is increasingly prevalent, Hormigon Design shines as a brand that values individuality, originality, and artistic expression. Each piece produced by the brand has the power to transform spaces and convey personality.

Luminária Jet. By Hormigon Design.

Hormigon Design Seeks To Bring Art In A Concrete Form Through Its Products, Which Are Characterized By Their Minimalist And Impactful Design.

The products incorporate solid volumes, using materials such as stone and concrete, which provide a striking visual weight. In addition, the slimness of steel and glass adds a unique elegance to the pieces.
The colors of the materials are predominant, providing an authentic and natural aesthetic. Formal orthogonality is another essential element in the design of the products, bringing a sense of balance and simplicity.
Through this fusion of art and design, Hormigon Design offers a unique experience where each product is an expression of creativity, quality, and exclusivity. Whether in a living room, an office, or any space that desires to convey sophistication and personality, Hormigon Design stands out as a symbol of craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Pieces by Hormigon Design.

The Choice Of Raw Materials By Hormigon Design Reflects Their Pursuit Of A Robust And Enduring Aesthetic.

Hormigon Design has a unique approach when it comes to choosing materials for their pieces. The brand opts to use raw materials such as stone, concrete, steel, and glass, aiming to create a sense of solidity and weight in the pieces.
The use of these materials gives Hormigon's creations a robust and enduring aesthetic. For example, stone brings a sense of timelessness and authenticity, adding a touch of nature and rusticity to the furniture. Concrete, on the other hand, is known for its strength and versatility, allowing designers to explore different shapes and textures. Steel brings a feeling of strength and rigidity, adding an industrial and contemporary element to the pieces. Glass, with its transparency and shine, offers an intriguing visual dimension, allowing light to diffuse and interact with the environment.
In addition to providing a unique aesthetic, the choice of these materials is also related to the message that the brand wishes to convey. The solidity and weight associated with these materials evoke a sense of reliability and quality, demonstrating Hormigon's commitment to producing durable and high-quality pieces.
Each material is carefully selected not only for its appearance but also for its physical and symbolic properties, ensuring that each piece conveys the desired message and creates a unique experience for the users.

Haga Coat Rack. Design by Hormigon Design.