Brothers Amarika, Kayuna and Karapüta Mehinako. Artists behind the design of the Indigenous Benches.

They Have Found Their Own Unique And Captivating Style In The Creation Of Art Benches.

The learning journey of the Mehinako brothers, Amarika, Kayuna, and Karapüta, is inspiring and demonstrates their dedication to art. Since their early steps in creating art benches, they have been committed to improving their skills over the years.
The Mehinako brothers were encouraged by their father's artistic influence, who specialized in creating art benches. They were fascinated by his artworks and realized that they also had a talent for producing their own art pieces.
Throughout their journey, they have explored different techniques and materials, constantly seeking to enhance their skills and develop their own unique artistic style. They work as a team, supporting and sharing knowledge with each other, which has been crucial to their growth as artists.
The Mehinako brothers consider art an essential part of their lives and continue to challenge themselves and explore new possibilities in their art creation. Their determination and passion are evident in their work, which reflects the rich culture and tradition of the Uyaipiuku village.

Panther jaguar-shaped stool. Design by Artes Bancos Indígenas.

Creativity And Tradition Come Together In The Works Of The Mehinako Brothers, Bringing Their Indigenous Culture To The World Through Artistic Expression.

The passion for art and the production of art benches have had a significant impact on the lives of the Mehinako brothers. Through their artistic work, they have been able to generate income for the entire family and gain more visibility for their village.
Furthermore, the artwork of the Mehinako brothers has gained recognition. The "Arte dos Mestres" exhibition in São Paulo is an example of this, where their pieces stole the show during the event, as mentioned in the Casa Cor article.
Art also plays an important role in preserving the culture and tradition of the Mehinako people. Their pieces reflect the rich cosmology and indigenous aesthetics.
In the future, the Mehinako brothers aim to continue honing their artistic skills and exploring new possibilities. They wish to keep sharing their art with the world and contributing to the enrichment of indigenous art.

Bench Onça Pintada. Design by Artes Bancos Indígenas.

The Mehinako Art Benches Are True Expressions Of Skill And Creativity, Connecting Us To The Cultural Heritage Of The People.

The art benches made by the skilled Mehinako brothers are exceptional creations. These unique pieces are made with natural materials and go through a meticulous process that involves several steps. 
The first step in creating the art benches is the careful selection of materials. The Mehinako brothers search for specific trees (such as piranheira) that have high-quality and durable wood. These trees are found in the forests of the region and are chosen based on criteria such as texture, strength, and beauty.

Manual extraction of wood to create benches.

After the tree selection, the Mehinako brothers begin working on wood carving. Using traditional tools like axes and chisels, they carefully sculpt the tree trunk, shaping it into a bench. During this process, they incorporate intricate patterns and details that are distinctive features of Mehinako art benches.

Hand-carving the bench.

Next, using fine brushes, the Mehinako brothers meticulously apply Nanquin ink to the surface of the benches. This painting technique is done with precision and skill, creating unique patterns and designs on each piece. Each brushstroke is executed with finesse and intention, resulting in detailed and exquisite artistic work.

Handmade details.

Once the main carving and painting of the benches are completed, a special treatment is applied to the wood. Natural oils extracted from the tree trunks are used to protect the wood surface against time and insect damage. This treatment also enhances the natural beauty of the wood, highlighting its unique patterns and colors.

Sanding a jaguar-shaped bench.

The creation of the art benches is a meticulous task that requires technical and artistic skills. Time and effort are dedicated to ensuring that each bench is unique and represents the artistic vision of the Mehinako brothers. These pieces are not just functional seats but true works of art that carry the history and identity of the people.

Onça Stool. Design by Artes Bancos Indígenas.