Saffron & Annatto Lamp. Design by Cultivado em Casa.

The Saffron & Annatto Lamps Are Witnesses To The Dedication And Passion Of The Artists For Their Art And The Appreciation Of Craftsmanship.

The Saffron & Annatto lamps are artful lamps that combine the elegance of metal with the vibrant colors of genuine Brazilian spices. Handcrafted by talented artists from Belo Horizonte, these lamps carry the charm and uniqueness of handmade work.
Each lamp is meticulously produced by the artists, from the selection of materials to the final details. One of the most distinctive features of these pieces is the addition of genuine Brazilian spices, which are manually applied, giving the lamps a unique appearance.
The process of adding the spices is truly interesting. Each spice is carefully chosen, considering its color, aroma, and texture, to create a harmonious composition that encompasses the lamp.
The choice of Brazilian spices not only adds incredible aesthetics to the lamps but also highlights the cultural richness and diversity of the country. The intense red of annatto and the earthy orange of saffron reflect the colorful palette of the Brazilian market, bringing a sense of warmth, liveliness, and authenticity.
The wavy texture resulting from the manual process of adding the spices makes each lamp a unique with its own character and personality.

Saffron & Annatto Lamp - Large. Design by Cultivado em Casa.

Every Detail Is Carefully Considered During The Manufacturing Process, Ensuring The Quality And Durability Of The Lamps.

The manufacturing process of these lamps is meticulous and filled with specialized techniques, resulting in truly unique pieces.
It all starts with the iron structure, which serves as the base for the lamp. 

Iron structure.

Next comes the addition of the spice mixture by hand. The artists select Brazilian spices such as Annatto and Saffron, taking into account not only their vibrant colors but also their distinct aromas and textures. This meticulous selection is essential in creating a harmonious and visually stunning composition.

Mixing the spices manually.

With the chosen spices (saffron and annatto), the artists carefully mix paper and glue. This unique mixture is then applied manually to the lamp structure, layer by layer. The artists have skilled hands and trained eyes, ensuring that the application is even and careful, resulting in a unique texture.

Direct application to the metal structure.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out with love, dedication, and skill by Diego and Mikael, together they form Cultivado em Casa. They devote time and attention to each step, from material selection to the final details.

Sustainability In The Production Of Saffron And Annatto Luminaires By Cultivado Em Casa.

Cultivado em Casa has chosen saffron and annatto as materials for their handmade luminaires, demonstrating their commitment to using natural resources in an environmentally friendly way.
Saffron, known for its vibrant color and culinary uses, is carefully incorporated into the luminaires, adding a unique touch. Annatto, with its intense red tone, offers a natural and sustainable alternative for coloring the luminaires. These materials are not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious choices.
By handcrafting each luminaire, Cultivado em Casa ensures meticulous attention to detail and reduces reliance on energy-intensive industrial processes. This approach promotes sustainability by minimizing carbon emissions and waste generation.
The use of saffron and annatto in the production of these luminaires highlights the importance of using sustainable and ethically sourced materials. Cultivado em Casa's commitment to sustainability not only provides customers with beautiful and unique lighting fixtures but also promotes a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.
The saffron and annatto luminaires created by Cultivado em Casa exemplify the fusion of sustainability, craftsmanship, and creative design. Their dedication to using environmentally friendly materials showcases a holistic approach to ethical production. By choosing these luminaires, consumers can embrace a sustainable lifestyle while adding a touch of natural beauty to their spaces.

Saffron & Annatto Lamp - Medium. Design by Cultivado em Casa.