Wentz Design, presenting the Gravatá Lounge Chair and Cana Wall Lamp.

Transforming Environments Into Contemplative Extensions Of Nature, Wentz Design Inspires Connections And Raises Environmental Awareness.

Wentz Design is a Brazilian brand of furniture, lighting, and objects that aims to transform spaces into contemplative extensions of nature. With a simple and contemporary approach, the brand seeks to bring the essence of "terra brasilis" and its tropicality into indoor spaces.
Through its creations, Wentz Design establishes a connection between the indoor environment and the natural world, offering a unique experience to users. Its furniture, lighting, and objects are meticulously designed to reflect the beauty and serenity of nature, using organic forms, sustainable materials, and elements inspired by Brazilian flora and fauna.
By bringing nature into spaces, Wentz Design creates environments that invite contemplation, relaxation, and connection with the earth. Its pieces are not only functional but also tell stories and evoke emotions, creating a special atmosphere around them.
Aligned with its philosophy, Wentz Design seeks to awaken environmental awareness in its customers, encouraging them to appreciate the natural beauty and preserve the environment.

Design by Wentz, featuring the Volta Coffee Table Small, Volta Side Table Small, and Dobra Sofa Module Large.

Guilherme Wentz: Redefining Design Through Simplicity, Sustainability, And The Beauty Of Brazil.

Guilherme Wentz: Get to know the designer behind the brand. Learn more about Guilherme Wentz and his unique approach to design, seeking to combine simplicity, contemporaneity, and the natural richness of Brazil.
Guilherme Wentz is a rising young designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. With an impressive portfolio, he has quickly accumulated awards such as the iF Design Award, Museu da Casa Brasileira, and Idea Brasil. His work reflects a clean and minimalist palette inspired by contemporary artists, travels, and adventure films.
Through his projects, Wentz seeks to establish a connection between indoor spaces and the natural world, inviting users to experience a unique blend of functionality and beauty. His creations incorporate organic forms, sustainable materials, and elements inspired by Brazilian flora and fauna.
In addition to his design work, Wentz also explores innovative solutions. He has incorporated ocean plastic waste into his furniture designs, demonstrating his commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness.

Guilherme Wentz, founder of Wentz Design.

Preservation And Quality Meet In Every Piece Of Wentz Design.

Wentz Design is a brand committed to preservation, using eco-friendly materials in their products to promote environmental responsibility and the preservation of natural resources. An excellent example of this is the "Dobra" collection, which utilizes fabrics made from recycled PET bottle fibers.
The modules and beds in the "Dobra" collection follow a sustainable approach. They are upholstered with special fabrics made from recycled PET bottle fibers, promoting material reuse and reducing plastic waste. By choosing these materials, Wentz Design contributes to waste reduction and the decrease in the use of non-renewable resources. Additionally, the brand's products ensure durability and quality, encouraging conscious consumption by customers.
By acquiring pieces from the "Dobra" collection by Wentz Design, customers have the opportunity to decorate their spaces with beautiful and sophisticated upholstery while knowing they are making a responsible choice in terms of conservation.
Wentz Design continues to stand out as a brand that values environmental preservation, bringing innovation and style to the furniture and home accessories market.

Baixa Lounge Chair with new WE—KNIT 005 upholstery in Sand color. Designed by Wentz.

Designing For A Conscious Future.

Wentz Design is a Brazilian brand that stands out on the international scene, receiving recognition and awards from various parts of the world. Their quality design has attracted admirers and customers worldwide. The brand constantly seeks innovation and environmental responsibility, using sustainable materials in its products, such as fabrics made from recycled PET and responsibly sourced wood. This ecological approach not only reduces environmental impact but also results in unique and sophisticated pieces.
The international recognition of Wentz Design is evidenced by awards and participation in renowned exhibitions worldwide. Its products are acclaimed for the combination of innovative design, exceptional quality, and commitment to environmental responsibility. The brand has excelled in awards in the areas of interior design, furniture, and decoration, solidifying its reputation as a reference in the industry.
Some of the awards and nominations achieved by Wentz Design include the iF Design Award, a prestigious international award that recognizes design excellence and the quality of the brand's products. It has also been awarded and nominated by the Museu da Casa Brasileira, a renowned institution in the field of Brazilian design, and recognized at the IDEA Brazil Awards, a competition that celebrates Brazilian innovation, design, and creativity in various fields.
These awards and nominations highlight Wentz Design's exceptional talent and commitment to excellence and innovation. The brand continues to be internationally recognized and expand its global presence.

Wentz Design is named "Rising Talent" at Casa Vogue Awards. One of their projects, the Pós-Tropical Vase, is acquired for the permanent collection of the Museum of Design and Fashion in Lisbon.